In many scenarios, standardized documents need to be created from business data on a regular basis. Invoices or purchase orders, for example, to name just two examples. If you want to save yourself the hassle of copying the relevant data back and forth from your system to the document you are creating, Plumsail Documents is the solution:

The tool can be integrated into your Microsoft environment and used to automatically create standard documents. Built-in templates help with formatting, but you can also use your own templates.

For example, if you have a list (SharePoint, Excel, …) in which items to be invoiced are entered, the invoice data including address, invoice amount, service description, etc. can be transferred to the template conditionally (for example, when the item is released). Afterwards, the generated document is saved to a specified location and sent by mail. In this case, the recipient is looked up in the invoice list.

If you have an online store, an order is automatically generated from the information entered in the order form.

Here you can find a video that shows the functionality.

By the way, one of our customers uses Plumsail Documents to reward the ideas and suggestions for improvement of their employees that are submitted to a corresponding portal: A suggestion found to be good is rewarded with an automatically generated coffee voucher from the company’s own cafeteria. And that’s really a good idea, isn’t it? 😉

If ordering Plumsail Documents is an option for you, we are happy to assist with setup.