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Service desk, ticket system, help desk

We offer you a comprehensive service desk for Microsoft 365, SharePoint for Microsoft 365 and SharePoint Server. As an employee of the IT or support department, you handle requests, problem cases, incidents, change requests with HelpDesk. Users submit their support requests via email or via a self-service user portal provided in SharePoint Online. The processing of inquiries is supported by automatic recording of all communication with the user, by customizable classifications and forms, and by comprehensive search and research functions.

Microsoft Teams – integration, adoption, IT governance

We develop governance guidelines for the use and implementation of Microsoft TEAMS. The integration of existing solutions as well as training and education are of course also part of our portfolio. The development and mapping of an authorization structure for the organization completes our service .

PDFInApp – open a PDF file directly in the editor of your choice with a click from SharePoint

We have developed a solution to open PDF files directly from SharePoint for editing in a corresponding app on the local computer. To do this, we have added an item “Open PDF in App” to the context menu for files in the document library. The solution works for a local SharePoint 2016 or SharePoint 2019 as well as for SharePoint Online.

Contract management

With our solution for Office365 / SharePoint Online, central contract management can also be easily implemented for international companies. Not only is all contract data available in one central location, but also critical requirements for comprehensive contract management are covered:

– Access/processing by all authorized clerks, also in international/distributed legal departments
– Automatic granting of access authorizations for sensitive contract data based on the organizational structure in the company
– Convenient filing of digitized contract documents as well as the associated correspondence
– Integration of workflows, for example for forwarding/approving/acknowledging contract information

It is also possible to migrate thousands of contract documents from the file system or from other applications, thus helping to achieve enormous transparency in all existing contractual relationships. All digitized documents can be automatically tagged according to given company criteria. In addition, a fully automatic full-text indexing of all documents takes place, so that even unstructured searches for contractual information are significantly simplified and accelerated.

Regardless of whether you store contract documents in your company’s file system or in an enterprise solution, for example from IBM, Easy or ELOWith LVM you can manage contracts within your central corporate platform SharePoint Online, with a modern, simple user interface, easy access from all company locations and comprehensive options for integrating contract management with other corporate solutions.

Using standard tools, it is also easy to link contract management, for example, to an SAP system that is used to manage purchase requisitions, orders and billing for existing supply contracts.

Project administration & project management – compact and provided for you in the SharePoint standard

We set up your Microsoft TEAMS environment in such a way that classic project management is possible. In the standard configuration, you already have a complete document management system for the central storage, processing and administration of project documents. Appointment management via team calendar is also integrated into Outlook so that personal appointments and team meetings can be easily managed.

We extend the configuration with Microsoft Planner with a comfortable central task management in the style of a Kanban board. Planner can be integrated into Teams via a tab. It is already part of certain Office 365 licenses and can therefore be used in the appropriate case without additional costs in connection with teams.

In this configuration, all project management functions are available to a team, via Teams on the desktop, via Outlook, and also in the mobile Teams app, which also serves as a messenger for company-internal chat communication.

Food ordering, canteen management

We integrate a portal for organized food ordering into your company intranet based on SharePoint Online/Microsoft 365. The weekly menu is published on the intranet and can be viewed with a mouse click. In a form tailored to this, you can select the dishes for the desired days. The total amount to be paid for the dishes ordered will be calculated immediately. All food orders for a week can be managed centrally. Simple evaluations make it easier to settle accounts with the canteen or to post meal costs directly to the HR department. Options for the time and place of the desired meal can also be set up.

Reporting, dashboards

In many areas of a company, data must be evaluated and presented clearly. We help you stay on top of things with custom-fit dashboards. A few examples for the use of such dashboards can be found here , e.g. linking a dashboard to a service desk for efficient reporting.

Since there are almost infinite ways to break down and prepare data, good advice is essential when designing and creating a dashboard.

Invoice receipt management

Incoming invoices can be recorded electronically and checked and approved in several steps. The invoices are stored centrally, no copies of the invoices have to be distributed to the examiners. All steps are only possible in a logical sequence, whereby all parties involved are informed about the respective status of the invoice approval. Read and write access to the invoice forms is regulated via authorizations. An example for the implementation at the customer can be found here .

Workflows with Power Automate

With the Power Platform (Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI and Power Virtual Agents) and Dataverse, Microsoft offers a platform that enables companies to analyze data, work more efficiently and rethink custom business applications.

Your business processes can be automated and optimized with Power Automate as a business service – from intuitively created publication workflows to complex multi-level approvals.

For automated data collection, we create customer-specific forms with integrated business logic in SharePoint Online, implement interfaces to other core applications and implement the processes with intelligent Power Automate Flows. Whether invoice release, absence workflows with substitution, ordering meals with a billing module for accounting or central task management – we take your processes to the next level.

Intranet – Modern Wiki, News, Templates

With an intranet tailored to your needs, you can optimize your processes and facilitate internal communication. Internal company information can be stored centrally and clearly for everyone. Microsoft Teams proves to be the optimal platform here .

We can also set up a wiki on your intranet with Microsoft Teams.

DMS: document management, controlled documents, document release

For a successful introduction of a document management system, we first record your process requirements, define and configure meta information for document classification and set up the necessary document libraries including document versioning. This also includes the desired requirements for document reporting and the retrieval of documents. To this end, we are expanding the search functions of the platform in such a way that an effective search with meaningful and easy-to-use search refinement criteria is provided.

Once the configuration is complete, we train the users or key users in your organization to promote use and acceptance of the solution.

Form designer

We have expertise in implementing solutions for complex processes without code. A design interface that supports drag & drop and workflow logic enable the creation of custom-fit forms in a short time.

Upload Center

An upload center offers you structured filing of files in a central location. During the upload, for example, the file name is analyzed and individual attributes are read out depending on the structure of the name, set and prepared for visual inspection.

Holiday and absence management

We set up appropriate forms for filling out a vacation request for your intranet on SharePoint Online. The person who has to approve the application is already entered in a mandatory field and is automatically informed of the application by email. She can approve or reject the request from the e-mail, and the respective employee is informed, also by e-mail.

Locatech ServiceCard

We support you with our experience in Microsoft Office365, Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft solutions for the digital transformation of your business processes. With our Locatech Service Card, we make this experience available to you as a pre-calculated service contingent. Your advantage: full cost transparency, no ongoing fixed costs and up to 12.5% cost savings for you!

You acquire a fixed service contingent that you can call up flexibly as required, without any risk for you. The Service Card gives you access to our Service Center, and our consultants will support you directly in implementing your requirements and wishes. You avoid fixed costs and always keep track of all services that you “consume”.

You will receive an attractive discount for the trust you have placed in us and for your commitment by purchasing a Service Card. After the purchase, you keep track of the status of the services used through a monthly statement.
Of course, you can also use our services without a Service Card. Our daily rate (8 hours) for service is €1200 and for advice €1500. With the Locatech Service Card we offer you the following options to choose from:

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Competent consulting

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