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Our case studies

Multilingual ticket system with a language-related email address

Document management and simplification of communication

CUP&CINO – Incoming invoice processing

TEBA, Duisburg – Helpdesk and customer and sales ticket system

KNGF (NL) – Asset management plus IT ticket management

cronos management consultancy, Münster – Knowledge management

Deutscher Ärzte-Verlag, Cologne – Strategic project management

Archdiocese of Cologne, General Vicariate – Case Management

GOB Software & Systems, Krefeld – Service portal

SchäferShop, Siegen – Requirements management

Schürholz Punching Technology, Plettenberg – Contract Management

Signal Iduna, Dortmund – Office365

Customer feedback

Implementation was done super fast and adjustments were even made right away. Very good and friendly support. The performance of the system (speed) is really good!

Ing. Frank Herburger

Division Manager IT Management MS Design GmbH

Since the beginning of the corona pandemic in 2020, the use of teams as a cross-device and cross-system, uniform communication solution in our company has been strongly promoted.

The experts from Locatech supported us here in a crucial phase of the introduction with external knowledge and consulting experience and, in cooperation with our organization, created detailed solution proposals for specific problems presented.

The implemented first project phase of the container projects in Microsoft teams has proven to be a stable solution in practice, which was well received internally by colleagues and is now used in full for all orders of this type.

Like many companies, we too were surprised by the pandemic and quickly faced with new challenges. Since we sent almost the entire administration to the home office at short notice, the biggest challenge at the time was to process the incoming invoices in digitized form. In other words, distribute, check, release, book and then archive.

Locatech IT Solutions has implemented an easy-to-use, low-administration and easily comprehensible incoming invoice processing via SharePoint Online. The fast and uncomplicated communication as well as the constructive and solution-oriented implementation are particularly noteworthy.


It was important to us to use a standard solution from the Microsoft Office 365 area. The solution should be easy to implement into our existing infrastructure. We wanted to implement this system in a short time. We became aware of Locatech’s Sharepoint module through our system partner, GOB Software und Systeme. We were able to put the new IT helpdesk into operation after 4 weeks and achieved a high level of acceptance among the employees thanks to the transparency and ease of use. This means that we can currently handle 100% of the requirements and faults via this system.

Due to the high acceptance of the IT helpdesk, we were able to introduce the customer and sales ticket system with the Navision integration after another 8 weeks and thus provide our customers with a new, fast, simple, clear digital service.

Michael Kusenberg

Head of IT Teba GmbH & Co. KG

After the test phase and subsequent successful introduction in the IT area, we were able to successfully introduce the ticket system internally to our field staff.

The next step was the internal implementation in cooperation with the downstream specialist departments.

Finally, we presented the ticket system to our customers. As a result of the introduction, we now have the opportunity to monitor internal and external customer inquiries and allocate them to individual employees according to subject areas. After a ticket has been created, the sales force colleagues and our customers receive a ticket number that they can refer to. This makes it easier for internal sales employees to understand a process that is stored in Navision. The bottom line is that customer inquiries are processed more transparently and quickly, thereby increasing customer satisfaction.

Jörg Augstein

Head of Internal Sales at Teba GmbH & Co. KG

Our asset management system was not ideal and most of the solutions were not customizable enough to our needs. We then came across Locatech and decided to have a custom asset management system built that is just right for us. We know this was the right choice because working with Locatech has been very pleasant. They have not only helped us with our asset management problem, but they have also helped fix numerous problems in our existing systems. I would very much recommend working with Locatech!

Lina Seljogi

Medewerker ICT

With Locatech as a project partner, we were able to implement our vision of a networked working method based on Microsoft SharePoint within a short period of time. Due to a clear mandate from the management and exemplary use of the platform in the management circle, the solution was quickly accepted by all employees, and today it is impossible to imagine the company without it. The result is significantly shorter process times when working on projects, information that can be found quickly and more satisfied customers and employees. Building on this basis, we are gradually expanding the system – with Locatech as a reliable and competent partner.

Markus Krüger

Managing Partner, CRONOS

Our management receives a simple overall view of all the company’s projects.
With this system, a careful introduction can be carried out under the motto “Start small, think big”. With the project management solution based on Sharepoints, we are able to better integrate our service providers into our project management.
Next year we will migrate the two solutions from Locatech, the service desk system LTRS and project management, to the SharePoint 2013 platform.

Harald Ney

Business IT specialist, German medical publisher

We implemented our service portal together with Locatech based on Microsoft SharePoint. Many of our requirements could be covered by configuring the standard system. A competent and experienced team at Locatech is available for individual adjustments and extensions. Some of our customers are now also using the LTRS ticket system.

Andreas Wessels

Managing Director of GOB Software and Systems GmbH

After the processes had been defined, a SharePoint-based solution was found with the “Requirements Management/LTRS” project to speed up and simplify the processing of requirements throughout the company. With Locatech we have found the project partner who competently implemented the solution and also fulfilled change requests reliably and quickly. The standard product LTRS for Microsoft SharePoint already provided 95% of the required functions, so only minor extensions were necessary. With requirements management, we have a working solution that makes all company requirements transparent and evaluable, and just a few months after the introduction we see great potential for savings and automation!

Frank Selbach

Head of Organization & IT, Schäfer Shop

In our industry, calculations are precise, and an investment in a strategic contract management solution was not easy to justify. With the Locatech team and the already fully configured standard software, we were able to introduce contract management based on the SharePoint Foundation in a very short time and with a very small project budget. The investment paid off after just a few months, also thanks to the reliable Locatech team, who quickly and unbureaucratically fulfilled our change requests. Thanks to the verifiable savings, we can now plan further projects with Locatech.

Alfredo Patti

CIO, Schürholz Group

Since the conversion of our Exchange server to Office 365, e-mail traffic with our customers has worked flawlessly and our response times have improved significantly, as we can always be reached by e-mail on the go. At the same time, we were able to significantly reduce administration costs. With Locatech as the delegated administrator for our Office365 platform, we have found a competent partner who not only provides us with reliable technical support, but also shows us how we can use the platform even better. In a next step, we can imagine converting other processes such as document management and customer management to Office365. Less work, higher customer satisfaction and significantly lower costs – a great thing!

Andre Koslowski

District Directorate Signal Iduna, Dortmund

Locatech IT Solutions GmbH is a partner recommended by the tool we are currently using (Plumsail for SPO) to help and guide us with the upgrade to the latest version.

The support has been outstanding, the steps needed to be take were perfectly explained and even with a minor set back in our environment, they made a test environment to be 100% sure that this wouldn’t be an issue on our end when updating to the latest version.

This showed me that they really take care of the customer to the last detail and I’m looking forward to keep in touch for future help!

Danny Siegers

Spirotech B.V

The helpdesk solution is now used in several departments and helps to process internal and customer inquiries efficiently and clearly.

The individual design options and the excellent support from Locatech convinced us of this product

Thomas Pittl


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