A customer portal for direct ticket creation is a fine thing: your customers can enter their tickets directly in a form, track the progress of their tickets and communicate with support staff via public comments. The support team members, in turn, can exchange private comments with each other, which are not visible to the ticket creators.

Many companies offer their customers the option of sending their inquiries, change requests or complaints by e-mail or entering them directly into a customer portal for direct ticket creation. In this portal, customers only see the tickets they have created themselves, while support staff can see all tickets in the backend.

Communication via comments

In a ticket, customers see only the comments marked as “public” and in turn can write only public comments, support staff can read public and private comments as well as write them themselves.

But private comments can also be enabled in an external portal:

Possible uses of private comments in the external portal

Such a solution is useful, for example, if external parties are to be called in to process a ticket because special questions need to be clarified or a particular component needs to be ordered from a different manufacturer. You do not want to grant the external parties the same access rights to the ticket system as are given to the internal support, but on the other hand, communication with them should not and does not necessarily have to be visible to customers.

The solution is to set up another portal to the ticket system. This is used exclusively for communication between internal and external support. The filtering, which tickets are visible for which externals, can be set individually. In the tickets visible to them, they can read and write both public and private comments.

This enables a smooth exchange between internal and external support without granting unnecessary access rights. At the same time, the comment view remains “clean” for customers and shows only the information relevant to them in the form of the public comments.

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We would be happy to show you live and in color how this works.