In the course of processing a ticket, various possible solutions are discussed and sometimes discarded via the comment function. After the ticket is closed, it may make sense to keep only those comments that are on target as public and subsequently make the discarded ones private.

By default, this is not provided for in HelpDesk, but we have found a way to make it possible in a user-friendly way by including a view of the comments filtered to the respective open ticket on a separate tab in the ticket form. The filtering of the comments related to the ticket is realized using JavaScript. This is what the whole thing could look like:

In this ticket, we see three public comments and two private ones in the left pane, and in the right pane on the “Ticket” tab, we see the ticket information such as status, agent, priority, and so on. So far, so familiar.

To make comments private retroactively, we now click on the added tab “Comments”:

On this tab we can manually change the type of a comment, either from “Reply” (i.e. public) to “Private note”, or vice versa. To do this, we click on the Edit icon in the corresponding row and then select the appropriate comment type in the “Type” column.

After saving, you will now see that the comment is marked with the Private icon:

Using a SharePoint group and appropriate permissions, the visibility of this tab can be controlled to allow only certain users to subsequently change the comment type.

If you are interested in a similar solution, feel free to get in touch!


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