The performance of a ticket system can suffer if too many tickets are managed there. One way to avoid this is to archive tickets that have been closed for a long time in a timely manner. To do this, these are moved to a folder in the ticket list and can still be found via search, but are skipped when rendering in the views, which improves performance.

This approach was previously associated with a restriction for the end users who create their tickets themselves via a portal, view them there, and communicate with the editors via the comment function: For this group of users, only the non-archived tickets were visible in the widget and the solutions documented in successfully completed tickets were not accessible.

Due to a further development suggested by us, it is now possible to display archived tickets in the widget as well and to include them in searches. So your customers can access the information in ALL their tickets, using it as a knowledge store or wiki.

Archiving of closed tickets is controlled by a flow in which a retention policy is defined. This can be done, for example, after a certain period of time from the closure date and thus change of status to “Closed” or after a certain period of time without any reaction from the reporters.

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