Our PDFinApp tool is very popular, which makes us a bit proud. But we are not resting on our laurels and have implemented an improvement that makes life a little easier, especially for those who “get the tool out there” in a company.

For rolling out PDFinApp to the user computers, instead of the corresponding .exe file plus INI file in which the desired application for opening a PDF file is explicitly entered, we now supply an XML file which specifies “Default” as the value for the PDF editor.

This is convenient in that the PDF editor preferred by the respective user (and possibly already installed) can be set as the default program for opening PDF files. This is automatically stored in the registry, which in turn can be read and used by PDFinApp.

Also, when using portable programs, they can be set as the default program for a file extension.

The big advantage is that it makes it easier for the IT department to roll out PDFinApp: when distributing the tool, there is no need to take into account which PDF editor is installed for each of the different users. Even if multiple users share the same computer but prefer different PDF editors, this is not a problem: by entering the preferred editor in the user-specific registry and specifying “Default” in the PDFinApp XML file, the PDF editor preferred by the currently logged-in user is used in each case.

If the default program is not to be used for a user or on a computer, it is of course still possible to enter the file path of the program to be used in the XML file.

We are pleased to introduce you to the tool and the rollout possibilities!


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