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The cronos management consultancywith 300 permanent consultants implements the requirements of the energy industry at home and abroad competently and verifiably successfully. For the energy industry, digitization is much more than just another trend. Legislative requirements are one thing – technical implementation is another. cronos offers project solutions and experience to master this challenge.


For a consulting company like cronos, the constant exchange and communication between consultants, customers, partners and employees is the focus of activities. The knowledge in the heads of the employees should be optimally networked with each other via organizational measures and a supporting technical platform. The discussions held with the customers and the information exchanged should be available centrally and easy to find for employees in the customer projects.

A central administration of the three “pillars of information” – customers – projects – consulting topics is of crucial importance here. The linchpin is the networking of the information pillars with each other and with the consultants.

This requirement is to be implemented with the introduction of Microsoft SharePoint as a “social company network” AND central information management system. It should also be possible to selectively involve external partners in projects. At the same time, the access rights to customer and project information had to be mapped in accordance with internal guidelines in such a way that all employees and partners could access relevant information as comprehensively and quickly as possible, but at the same time have no access to protected customer information.


  • Automatic creation of subpages based on templates
  • Support for multiple project types, each with specific metadata and specific template pages
  • Automated authorization assignment
  • Cooperation with external users on special subpages


Today, with the cronos solution developed by Locatech, SharePoint is the central company platform and communication center for the entire organization. Employees and partners can access the relevant information and documents directly via various entry points (topics, projects, customers). Communication takes place via SharePoint news feeds; employee profiles on MySites support the networking of employees with one another. The creation and management of customers, projects and topics is largely automated based on a few metadata. Portal areas for customers with access and authorizations are created automatically, relevant customer and project information is available in many forms for evaluation. In combination with the full-text search, a comprehensive information and communication center is now available.

This is what the customer says:

With Locatech as a project partner, we were able to implement our vision of a networked working method based on Microsoft SharePoint within a short period of time. Due to a clear mandate from the management and exemplary use of the platform in the management circle, the solution was quickly accepted by all employees, and today it is impossible to imagine the company without it. The result is significantly shorter process times when working on projects, information that can be found quickly and more satisfied customers and employees. Building on this basis, we are gradually expanding the system – with Locatech as a reliable and competent partner.

Marcus Krüger, member of the management board

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