Asset Management System (inventory management) for Dutch Society for Physiotherapy (KNGF)

The Royal Dutch Genootschap before Physiotherapy ( KNGF ) is the professional association of and for physiotherapists in the Netherlands. The KNGF advances the quality of the physical therapy profession and the interests of nearly 19,000 affiliated physical therapists. theunion consists of 13 professionalassociationsand manages the Quality Register Physiotherapy NL (KRF NL) with more than 27,000 registered physiotherapists.


KNGF was looking for an asset management tool, that is characterized by high user-friendliness and simple operation. The overview over all enteredassetsshould be done by categories (Telephone, SIM card, Laptop, Tablet), for each entry fields like ID, usage status, serial number, purchase date etc. must be available.

The tool should also be integrated with a ticket system/helpdesk so that when tickets and user requests come in, the assets assigned to the user are displayed directly in order to simplify and speed up ticket processing.

Users will be managed in an Azure AD. A comfortable search for users and their assets in both directions as well as according to criteria (“Show all users who have a printer assigned”) should also be possible. Likewise it was required that documents could be uploaded and linked and linked to assets.

An important additional requirement was specially adapted notifications , for example , when an item is out of warranty or a lease expires , or when a user leaves the company and returns their work equipment , so that appropriate action can be taken.

Finally, the system should be implemented in a secure cloud solution and be accessible via a web browser interface.


For the desired user search in the Microsoft cloud solution Office 365 – from 2020 on “Microsoft 365” – had to be considered thatwith a normal SharePoint Searchall information on one company website will be searched and therefor possibly very many initially irrelevant hits from different lists/libraries and documents will be found, not all of which are effective.. Accordingly, it was necessary, to extend the search function with a specialized search limited to the asset library.

For the integration of the asset management system with the ticket system, an interface with form adjustments and form-based search queries to the asset management solution had to be implemented.

Regarding the desired notifications, individual notifications had to be configured that go beyond the standard Office 365 notifications and that are only sent via a configurable schedule when the due criteria and due dates have been met.


With the expandable ticket system solution LTRS 365, the customer received a system that is easy to operate and adaptable through configuration .

For this purpose, an asset management system based on Office365 standard lists and functions was implemented. The ticket system forms have been equipped with additional tabs to display the assets assigned to a user directly in the ticket.

The advanced search function limits the search to the Asset Library fields and has a Content Editor web part with an input field, several buttons for the searchable fields and underlying JavaScript code for the necessary queries. The user can enter the search term in the input field and, at the touch of a button, immediately receives a parameterized search result page with the desired search results filtered for asset management.

Thanks to the scheduler function integrated in the LTRS, user-defined notifications could also be configured as required.

As a result, a user-friendly corporate solution for the IT department of KNGF was created with compact effort on the basis of a finished ticket system product and a configured asset management solution based on standard modules.


This is what the customer says:

“Our asset management system was not ideal and most of the solutions were not customizable enough to our needs. We then came across Locatech and decided to have a custom asset management system built that is just right for us. We know this was the right choice because working with Locatech has been very pleasant. They have not only helped us with our asset management problem, but they have also helped fix numerous problems in our existing systems. I would very much recommend working with Locatech!”

Lina Seljogo, Medewerker ICT

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