The ultimate nightmare: a virus-infected file is uploaded to your corporate intranet for sharing, and all employees working with that file are subsequently infected with the computer virus! How do you protect your in Office 365 and SharePoint Online uploaded documents to prevent just that?

Can infected files be uploaded to SharePoint Online at all?

This is possible because the files are only scanned for viruses after the upload process. If the file is infected, a property of the file is set to a value that initially prevents the file from being downloaded. So, the virus cannot spread to other computers unknowingly through this file.

Can I accidentally download an infected file from SharePoint Online?

No, because the property set as part of the virus scan performed by SharePoint Online initially prevents the download. Automatic synchronization with OneDrive for Business also prevents the file from downloading.

What if I need the contents of this file for my work?

In the event that the information contained in the infected file is essential for further work, there is the option of downloading the file anyway and cleaning it locally with antivirus software. This option should be reserved for administrators and disabled for all other users.

Comprehensive virus protection is still important!

Of course, the antivirus capabilities in SharePoint Online should not be viewed as the only protection against viruses. Good antivirus protection must always take place on several levels! We would be happy to advise you on the possibilities of using SharePoint Online and Office 365 securely in your company!


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