A ticket with an inquiry or problem description lands at your customer service or in your support department. In most cases, the responsible processor can find a solution directly or after consultation with the ticket creator. And if not?

If you, as the responsible processor, can only solve a ticket with external help, you must call in specialists, internal experts or external contacts, for example from a product manufacturer, the so-called Third Level Support. In some ticket systems, a separate status is managed for this, which states that the request is being processed, but further information must be obtained for the solution.

How can this communication process be elegantly controlled with a ticket system? On the one hand, the third level support must receive all relevant information, on the other hand, the ticket creator should not be bothered with the entire communication between the service employee and the third level support. Ultimately, however, all the facts associated with finding a solution and the entire communication should be managed and archived centrally in one ticket.

In LTRS365 this enables an extended commenting function: LTRS365 distinguishes between

  • Internal communication – comments are only saved in the ticket and are not visible to the ticket creator
  • External communication – Comments are stored in the ticket for everyone to see, including the ticket creator, and are also sent by email to the ticket creator or other specified addressees and
  • Communication with a “Third Level Support”

A dropdown field with all supporters maintained in a list is available for communication with third level support. The ticket processor can select the appropriate Third Level Support from this list and tick the corresponding checkbox. This can be internal or external supporters or contact persons involved in the process via e-mail.

Ticket form with checkbox for

After selecting a supporter, the ticket processor’s comments are not sent to the ticket reporter, but to the selected supporter. This message will be marked private so the person reporting it cannot see it. The supporter receives the entire ticket and comment history by email and thus has all the necessary information to process the problem.

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If the supporter replies to the forwarding, the reply ends up as an internal comment in the ticket and is not visible to the person who originally reported it.

In this way, two conversations can be conducted in one ticket. At the same time, all information about the problem and the solution is stored centrally in the ticket and can thus serve as a knowledge base without the reporter being unnecessarily bothered with it.

This procedure has proven itself in practice with our customers and can significantly simplify your support process. Talk to us, we would be happy to show you this process extension as part of LTRS365!