TEBA, Duisburg – Helpdesk and customer and sales ticket system


Teba, based in Duisburg, employs almost 350 people and is one of the leading suppliers of privacy and sun protection products. The company is characterized by a high degree of customer orientation and service.

In order to meet these requirements even better, a digital ticket system based on SharePoint Online was to be introduced.


Teba not only needs a classic helpdesk for the company’s internal IT in order to optimize support in this area. In addition, the internal sales department should have a central system for managing sales and customer inquiries. The approximately 45 employees in this area should be able to view the master data of the customer who made the request for every ticket that is posted.


A standard system was set up as a helpdesk for the IT. For the internal sales team, the ticket information had to be linked to the customer data managed in Navision. The link does not only have to take place when the customer himself sends an inquiry by e-mail (link via the e-mail address), but also when an office worker does this on behalf of a customer.

Direct access of the ticket system to customer management (CRM) should be avoided, so the relevant information must be made available to the system in a different way.


The master data could be easily provided by regularly synchronizing the customer data in a SharePoint list using a standard data connector.

The email address of the customer contact serves as the primary and unique key to link a customer record to a ticket. If the customer contact submits a ticket via e-mail, the customer data record can be found in the SharePoint list using the sender e-mail address and the data can be displayed in the forms of the ticket system.

Since the customer number is also part of the customer data in addition to the e-mail address, TEBA employees can also simply enter the customer number or part of the customer name when creating a ticket in order to set up a request for a customer. It is not necessary to transfer the customer data to the ticket. The data is output dynamically in the forms.

This is what the customer says:

“It was important to us to use a standard solution from the Microsoft Office 365 area. The solution should be easy to implement into our existing infrastructure. We wanted to implement this system in a short time. We became aware of Locatech’s Sharepoint module through our system partner, GOB Software und Systeme. We were able to put the new IT helpdesk into operation after 4 weeks and achieved a high level of acceptance among the employees thanks to the transparency and ease of use. This means that we can currently handle 100% of the requirements and faults via this system.

Due to the high acceptance of the IT helpdesk, we were able to introduce the customer and sales ticket system with the Navision integration after another 8 weeks and thus provide our customers with a new, fast, simple, clear digital service.”

Michael Kusenberg, Head of IT at Teba GmbH & Co. KG


“After the test phase and subsequent successful introduction in the IT area, we were able to successfully introduce the ticket system internally to our field staff.

The next step was the internal implementation in cooperation with the downstream specialist departments.

Finally, we presented the ticket system to our customers. As a result of the introduction, we now have the opportunity to monitor internal and external customer inquiries and allocate them to individual employees according to subject areas. After a ticket has been created, the sales force colleagues and our customers receive a ticket number that they can refer to. This makes it easier for internal sales employees to understand a process that is stored in Navision. The bottom line is that customer inquiries are processed more transparently and quickly, thereby increasing customer satisfaction.”

Jörg Augstein, Head of Internal Sales at Teba GmbH & Co. KG

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