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GOB Software & Systeme GmbH , based in Krefeld, is with over 270 employees one of the largest Microsoftpartner The mostly medium-sized customers are industrial companies, non-profit organizations and trading companies. They all use the unitop industry software, which was developed on the basis of Microsoft Dynamics NAV. The GOB supports its customers throughout Europe via a service portal from Locatech – for example to clarify Request support and troubleshoot problems during operation .


  • Introduction of a service portal that pre-sorts incoming customer inquiries based on rules and automatically assigns them to the right employee.
  • Providing a convenient customer portal through which customers can access their service requests. Customers can also operate the unitop4sure project management portal with the user account.
  • Mapping of the GOB service organization with first-level support, dispatchers and technical experts and integration into existing service processes in the in-house Microsoft Dynamics NAV.


  • Client function – The requirements were high. A hierarchical structure had to be mapped for GOB customers, which defines how the authorizations are distributed and who, for example as a “customer administrator”, can view all the tickets of the organization’s employees. This requirement could be implemented with an extension of the LTRS user portal and the already integrated master data function.
  • Integration of Microsoft Dynamics NAV – The time that a GOB employee needs to process a service ticket is recorded in Microsoft Dynamics NAV. For this, the service tickets in the portal must be synchronized with Microsoft Dynamics NAV. This was made possible by the development of a so-called connector, which stores the information linked to the ticket in the ERP system.
  • Service level agreement – The highest priority was compliance with service level agreements and agreed response times. An escalation should warn of a possible exceeding of the agreed response time. In this way, the GOB guarantees timely processing. Weekends, public holidays and service-free times also had to be taken into account. This requirement was met with LTRS’ “business hours” support and the ability to send automated emails in the event of an escalation.


The system now makes the work of the service team easier in many areas. For example, many thousands of service tickets are managed via the service portal. At the same time, thanks to the categorization and the automated full-text search, it serves as a valuable knowledge base. The throughput times for the processing of service tickets could be demonstrably reduced.

This is what the customer says:

“We implemented our service portal together with Locatech based on Microsoft SharePoint. Many of our requirements could be covered by configuring the standard system. A competent and experienced team at Locatech is available for individual adjustments and extensions. In the meantime, some of our customers are also using the LTRS ticket system.”

Andreas Wessels, Managing Director of GOB Software and Systems GmbH

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