Multilingual ticket system with a language-related email address


One of the leading suppliers of vacuum technology and vacuum pumps with around 3,200 employees worldwide and more than 20 subsidiaries in Germany and abroad offers its customers not only a large product portfolio but also extensive service and advice. This means that a large number of inquiries have to be processed every day: from prospective buyers, from existing customers with service requests and also from internal employees.


In order to make work easier for both the support department and sales, all inquiries are to be managed in a central ticket system.


As an international company, our customer needed a ticket system not only in German. There should be a French version for the French branch.

However, it was not just a matter of presenting the user interface in a different language, but also of having the French colleagues use a separate email address.


The ticket system was implemented as a cloud solution based on Microsoft 365, with forms based on SharePoint Online. This eliminates the need to set up and manage an internal server infrastructure with your own SharePoint server.

Separate email addresses could be supported by setting up the French system under the same corporate domain already used for the German system, but as a second instance in a separate website collection.

A mail to the designated service address automatically generates a ticket. This is assigned to the appropriate employee by a moderator or via workflow. If the responsibility changes, a new assignment can be made. All communication regarding the request runs in the ticket itself, so that all information is collected in one place and is not scattered in individual e-mail inboxes.

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