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Schürholz Stanztechnik GmbH & Co.KG was founded in 1918 as a press shop in Plettenberg . The former leading supplier of washers and locking elements for the screw industry and automotive engineering developed into a specialist in the manufacture of embossed, stamped, bent and drawn parts. Today, Schürholz Stanztechnik produces sophisticated metal parts and components for the automotive industry, automotive suppliers, the electrical industry and railway technology.


Before the introduction of a central contract management system, the company lacked an overview of contracts, some of which had existed for decades. With the introduction, Schürholz expected complete transparency with regard to contract conditions, terms and notice periods. Contract documents were also only available in paper form, and the contracts were largely drawn up without a controlled workflow.


  • Small project budget at a medium-sized company with a focus on the automotive industry
  • SharePoint Foundation limitations


There was a switch from a reactive way of working to a proactive contract management. For example, long-term maintenance contracts for systems that are no longer required, such as a fan coil unit, could be terminated – already an immediate saving of several thousand euros just by finding and terminating the corresponding contract.

All contracts are systematically recorded in LVM contract management and can be found quickly and easily thanks to reporting and search functions. Effective deadline controlling prevents contracts from being terminated belatedly or renegotiated. Schürzholz saves several thousand euros every year.

This is what the customer says:

In our industry, calculations are precise, and an investment in a strategic contract management solution was not easy to justify. With the Locatech team and the already fully configured standard software, we were able to introduce contract management based on the SharePoint Foundation in a very short time and with a very small project budget. The investment paid off after just a few months, also thanks to the reliable Locatech team, who quickly and unbureaucratically fulfilled our change requests. Thanks to the verifiable savings, we can now plan further projects with Locatech.

Alfredo Patti, CIO, Schürholz Group

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