Archdiocese of Cologne, Vicariate General – case management


The Archdiocese of Cologne administers around 2.1 million Catholics in the largest diocese in the German-speaking area. The Archbishop’s General Vicariate is the ecclesiastical administration of the Archdiocese of Cologne.


  • Semi-automatic control of incoming processes (change requests, error messages, service requests, etc.)
  • Simplification of recording through predefined standard cases (up to 80%)
  • Simply structured processes for quick processing of requirements.
  • Possibility of interaction with ticket systems of external service providers.


  • The requirements were implemented with the introduction of the project management system LPM for Microsoft SharePoint.
  • The sub-projects are managed with reduced metadata.
  • Sub-project managers (including external suppliers) manage the sub-project on their own responsibility and provide status information
    to the overall project manager for evaluation and coordination.
  • The project information is transferred from the ticket system via a SharePoint workflow.
  • Adjustments (creation of project rooms, automatic project numbering) could be carried out thanks to the open SharePoint structure.


  • The employees of the Archbishop’s General Vicariate implemented the necessary process rules themselves with the help of LTRS and the Business Rule Management LBRM.
  • After setting up the basic processes and a service-oriented specification of cases for the HR department, productive operation has started.
  • Further specific processes are now being successively defined and automated as far as possible, and the necessary interfaces to the external service providers are being implemented.
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