One helpdesk – but different mailboxes. Does that make sense? And is that even possible?
The answer is “Yes!”

For example, companies with offices in different countries, such as Germany and the U.S., could manage all incoming tickets through a common help desk, but set up separate mailboxes within the ticket system for users in each country.

Users from Germany would send their ticket request to, for example. The ticket created from this mail is categorized as “German language” accordingly, and the response comes from the sender in German. The helpdesk mail address for users from the USA could be Their tickets created by mail will be categorized as “English language” and will send a reply in English.

With the HelpDesk offered by Locatech, a corresponding configuration is easy to set up, provided you have a Microsoft 365 account with Exchange Plan.

Click the “Add Outlook Mailbox” button, and then specify an address for a mailbox that you already have. To grant Helpdesk access to this mailbox, you must log in.

You can add as many mailboxes as you want.


You should note the following: Once at least one Outlook mailbox is configured, HelpDesk uses Outlook365 to send all emails. Therefore, email notifications may stop working when a connection is no longer active.

A standard mailbox is possible

A default mailbox can be set up in the settings and is used by HelpDesk for email notifications when it is unclear which mailbox to use:

  • When a ticket is created by entering it directly in the form
  • When a ticket is created using a widget
  • When a ticket is created via MS Flow or REST API


Not sure if using multiple mailboxes in a helpdesk could be a viable solution? Let us advise you!


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