Wouldn’t it be nice if…

… order forms, delivery notes, credit notes and incoming invoices are processed automatically by a workflow?

… the approval process for credit notes and invoices would be triggered automatically?

…the status of an order could be read quickly at any time?

…suppliers could be assigned and managed with one order ?

Office365 makes it easy to set up a processing portal for these activities. An incoming invoice can be processed as follows, for example:

An incoming invoice is digitized and the file created in this way is stored in the system using drag & drop.

Then the important data (e.g. the Invoice number, the invoice receipt date, the invoice date, the invoice amount, the payment date and optionally a comment ) entered as metadata in a SharePoint form. The payment date is calculated automatically from the invoice date and the payment target of the supplier, which is already stored in the ordering process and is therefore known in the system.

The invoice is now approved in workflowsteps. When a step is completed, the status of the invoice changes and the next step is automatically triggered:

  • Assignment : A new invoice must be assigned to a person for processing so that the following work steps can take place. Your status changes from “New” to “In progress”, which automatically triggers the next work step.
  • Approval : The invoice is marked as “factually correct” by the assigned “approver” and thus approved, or as “factually incorrect” with a corresponding comment. In the first case, the “Approval” step is triggered, in the second case the invoice is included in a corresponding view for invoices to be checked.
  • Release : The assigned “releaser” checks the invoice commercially and sets the appropriate value. A released invoice moves to the next step. An invoice that has not been released is provided with a corresponding comment and included in the view for invoices to be checked.
  • Posting : An approved and released invoice is automatically assigned to accounting for further processing. After posting, the invoice is marked as “posted” and the approval process is complete.
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The users who are responsible for a certain step can see which invoices they need to work on via a corresponding view. They can also be notified when an invoice has been assigned to them.

Incidentally, all receipts are neatly digitized and stored in your Office365 portal after they have been recorded and can be found immediately using a full-text or metadata search.

A similar workflow can also be set up for processing orders.

We would be happy to show you how you can simplify and automate the management of your incoming invoices and orders. Please contact us.