Do you use a CRM to manage customer inquiries? And do you also use a ticket system for bug reports and change requests from existing customers or for project management? So it might be a good idea to combine the two.

This would allow you, for example, to have inquiries from potential new customers in the CRM “moved” seamlessly to a help desk, where the tickets for problems and change requests of a specific project will then be managed.

With the HelpDesk we offer, you have exactly this option. You set up two instances of HelpDesk:

One for the CRM …

… the other as a ticket system/project management.

After a customer request has become an order and project, you can send the corresponding ticket from the CRM to the ticket system. This is done via a corresponding command in the context menu of the ticket:

This command starts a workflow that moves the ticket from one HelpDesk instance (the CRM) to the other (the ticket system). If multiple instances are considered, a drop-down list can be used to make the appropriate selection.

You don’t need to create a completely new task in your project management, and all information from the original request is automatically transferred. You can, of course, make any necessary additions.

Could this approach also save time in your company and help avoid “friction losses” between CRM and project management? Then contact us and talk to us about the implementation!