Of course, it is nice and practical when customer inquiries or complaints are received by mail and can be managed directly in a corresponding CRM or ticket system. Unfortunately, such accessibility also opens the door for spam.

Who doesn’t know them, the advertising mails that flood our inboxes offering us blue pills or dubious credit deals? An automatic spam filter of the mail program can help with mailboxes. However, it is not always the last word when it comes to converting incoming e-mails into tickets and processing them accordingly.

For the helpdesk we offer, we provide the possibility to create a so-called “blacklist” of senders who repeatedly send unwanted tickets by mail, and then immediately delete the tickets generated by these senders, including comments and attachments.

In a first step, after having a look at the newly received tickets, the unwanted senders are marked as “spam” (this has to be done manually until further notice). This happens on a “Spam” tab in the edit view of the ticket. The respective ticket created by this sender will be deleted automatically afterwards.

As soon as a mail arrives from one of the marked senders and generates a ticket, a workflow is started that deletes this ticket including any attachments and comments. Normally automatic reactions to a new ticket, such as assignment to an agent, do not occur.

Are you looking for a way to protect yourself from unwanted spam in your helpdesk? We’ll be happy to help you!


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