Microsoft has announced that it will make Microsoft Teams available free of charge for 6 months as a premium version, which can also be used to record meetings. With Microsoft Teams, you and your teammates can communicate and collaborate easily and efficiently from the home office and thus make a contribution to curbing the further spread of the corona virus.



This offer is a free Office 365 E1 trial limited to a period of 6 months. The corresponding license cannot be obtained directly from the Microsoft website, but can be obtained from a Microsoft partner as a customer advisor.

How do you get this Microsoft Teams Premium version?

As a company or organization, you will receive a promotional code from us as a certified Microsoft partner with which you can register for the E1 trial version (if you have not already registered an Office 365 E1 trial version in the past). You can then, as far as possible in your industry, enable your employees to work from home without having to forego communication in the team, exchange of documents and meetings.

Individuals and educational institutions: Individuals who want to use Microsoft Teams can still get the tool for free from the Microsoft website.

Schools and educational institutions: For schools and educational institutions there is also a free Office 365 A1 license. Networking and collaboration from home is also possible here. As a Microsoft Authorized Education Partner, we are also here to advise you.

Further information on the Office365 license models can also be found here: .

If you would like to take advantage of this Microsoft offering for your business or organization, please contact us. We will help you quickly and easily.

And stay healthy!


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