It is common practice in ticket systems that a newly posted ticket generates an email to the relevant support team or dispatcher, ideally with a direct link to the relevant ticket. This works well when exactly one helpdesk and exactly one team match.

However, when there are multiple support areas, each with its own instance of the ticket system and overlapping support teams, things can get confusing in the dispatcher’s inbox. And the support staff may also get a lot of emails if they are not just responsible for one, but for several support areas.

Linking the ticket system to Microsoft Teams can be a solution in this case:

Each support area (and therefore each instance of the helpdesk) has its own team, and all support staff responsible for that area are members of this team.

The ticket system is integrated into Microsoft Teams via a tab.

The information about a newly posted ticket is now not sent to the support staff by email, but is received in the corresponding teams channel. Team members can see at a glance if a ticket has been posted for them and easily switch to the tab with the appropriate instance of the ticketing system.

The inbox of the support staff is spared from standard messages about incoming tickets.

To make the whole thing even more convenient, it can also be set up so that the creation of a new ticket is posted via flow in the Teams channel, including the ticket title and description. In some cases, it is not necessary to switch to the ticket system at all to process the ticket.

If you too would like to relieve your support teams of too many e-mails, contact us for a non-binding consultation!

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