We have already shown the basic advantages of digital food ordering here and here . But in pandemic times with hygiene regulations and distance rules, there are even more things to consider about the delicious lunch table, if, for example, “eating in shifts” or food distribution at different places has to be introduced so that the minimum distance is maintained during the meal.

This challenge can also be mastered with the help of forms based on SharePoint Online. The forms of a meal ordering system can be customized in such a way that employees can not only select the desired dish for each day of the week from the menu available on the intranet, but also when and where the meal should be eaten:

The maximum available number of seats is stored for the individual meal times and locations. As soon as the corresponding number of orders have been received and thus the last place has been taken, the corresponding option will no longer be displayed and the selection must be made from the remaining times and locations:

The orders are transmitted to the caterer in such a way that it is immediately apparent when and how many portions of which dish are to be delivered where.

We would be happy to set up a system for you that makes lunch a tasty and safe affair for everyone.

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