A ticket system can be used in a wide variety of scenarios . Of course as a classic helpdesk, but also in project management, as a tool for inventory or for complaint management. Special evaluations can be useful in each of these areas. Individual dashboards can be created in Excel for a clear presentation of the relevant information.

For a helpdesk , for example, an evaluation can provide information about how many tickets were solved in what time or how many are not yet assigned and unprocessed.

If the ticket system is used as a tool in project management, it is helpful to display the billability of the hours worked:

The data can be displayed with the help of appropriate controls in the dashboard in relation to different periods and employees.

If you use a ticket system for complaints management , you could, for example, determine which products or services are causing more complaints. In this way, improvements can be targeted in these areas.

In asset management , it can be interesting to see at a glance how long devices have been in use in order to be able to replace obsolete specimens.

The possibilities of breaking down and processing the data are almost inexhaustible. And not everything that is technically possible always serves to provide a clear overview 😉. It can therefore be a good idea to get help designing and creating an Excel-based dashboard.

We have experience in working closely with our customers to find out exactly which data needs to be processed and how in order to create a dashboard that gives you an overview at the push of a button and is an important aid in decision-making.

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