The Online seminar on digital invoice processing raised a lot of interest. The first registrations came quickly, and soon all available places were occupied.

Aglika Tilev and Dirk Löhn welcomed the participants in a relaxed “studio atmosphere” and acted out the entire process with them: from entering an incoming invoice into the system, to factual approval and release, and finally to booking.

Of course there was also room for questions: these could be asked in the live chat and were then taken up and answered directly in the presentation.

It was clearly shown that the technical implementation of digital invoice processing with Microsoft 365 is easy and convenient .

In specific cases, of course, there are always detailed questions that need to be clarified, and certain adjustments to the processes might need to be implemented. A changeover to digital invoice recording must also be accompanied in organizational terms. In this case, an individual consultation makes sense .

Is automated invoicing via workflow also an issue for you? A new edition of the online seminar is already being planned , we look forward to your participation!

Or contact us directly for a consultation :

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