Whether we’re talking about a help desk, a ticket system, or customer support, answering customer questions is an essentially important point in customer retention. By using artificial intelligence, you can give your customers the answers they want faster and in more detail.

The decision to be made is whether to let customers communicate directly with an artificial intelligence to use it to automatically perform analysis and generate answers, or whether the artificial intelligence is more likely to be used to support the help desk team.

The second scenario has the advantage that there are fewer imponderables due to “improper” use of the AI or inaccurate questioning.

That’s why we decided to integrate AI support for the helpdesk team into Plumsail HelpDesk. ChatGPT from OpenAI is used as artificial intelligence.

Here is our prototype:

On a separate tab are the fields for the question to ChatGPT and the corresponding answer. In the field below, the history of the chat of the current session is logged. In the lowest field you can see the entire chat history for the respective ticket. The history of the current session is added when the ticket is saved. If you close the ticket without saving, the current history is deleted and the chat history remains unchanged.

If your current question refers to previous questions and answers on this ticket, it is useful to load the chat history into the field “Verlauf des Chats” by clicking “Chat-Verlauf wiederherstellen”. Then the AI incorporates everything that has been said so far into finding the answer.

In our prototype, for example, we had a sorted and numbered list of all EU states created in the first step. Now, if I ask a question about this list without having loaded the history in “History of chat”, the AI may not be able to give an answer:

The situation is quite different when the AI can draw on the results from previous sessions:

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So, for complex problems, you can create your own knowledge base in the ticket and get closer to the solution step by step. The AI does not completely take over your work – but it makes it much easier.

Have we sparked your interest in this HelpDesk extension? Feel free to contact us!